Jan 31, 2007

Day 25

I found a hiding place....
Ian found a safe place to enjoy a cookie at lunch time.
Thanks for "tagging" me Louisa. I have to list 6 weird things about me.
  1. 1. I can touch my nose or chin with my tongue. :)
  2. 2. I always eat all my fries before starting to eat my burger.
  3. 3. I never get ice in my drinks when dining out.
  4. 4. I hate tomatoes. If I see tomato "guts" on my food I can't eat it.
  5. 5. I love to dip burritos in mustard then eat them. YUM. (really only works with the "Tinas Burritos" brand though).
  6. 6. I've been to 4 Star Trek Conventions. Dressed up for none but met Michael "Worf" Dorn, Marina "Deanna Troy" Siritus, Jonathan "Riker" Frakes, and several other ST:Next Generation stars.

Off to tag others!!! :D

Jan 30, 2007

Day 24

a boy and his toys.....

Are ya tired of him yet?? lol. My hubby took this today as they were outside playing. Thank God HE took a pic because I didn't get home until after 6pm and by then it was pitch black.

Jan 29, 2007

Day 23

it must be love...

While I (mommy) was at the Doctors today (thanks all for the well wishes. I SO appreciate them), Dad took Ian to Target and bought him twin dump trucks; Max and Monty.
He's in love...can you tell? ;)

Jan 28, 2007

Day 22

So much for the "train" table....
Poor Thomas and friends have had their home invaded by HOUSES of all kinds. Tsk,tsk,tsk.

Jan 27, 2007

Day 21 (3 weeks...)

Gloomy day.
Still not well so I didn't knock myself out for a good pic yet the weather matches my mood.

Jan 26, 2007

Day 20

and I'm still out....ug. This bites. :(

Jan 25, 2007

Day 19

It's all I got folks....I'm not feeling well, my head feels like it's about to crack. Off to bed I go. :(

Jan 24, 2007

Day 18

yup, more naked trees....

I couldn't decide which version I liked better. Defogged SOOC


Acidic Action

Jan 23, 2007

Day 17


Jan 22, 2007

Day 16

We have this mural in our office..it's very unique. It's circular and HUGE. The idea was to show highlights of the state of California; Big sur, the redwoods, Yosemite, Napa Valley, the desert, Missions..ect. I love it and tried to get an overall shot but couldn't so I chose to zoom in on the mission. The pics above give you an idea of where it lies within the mural.

Jan 21, 2007

Day 15

One lone, minature rose survived the winter, the frost and the wind. This particular mini rose bush is aout 3.5 feet tall. I've had it nearly 7 years. Mini Roses seem to be the only plant I can't kill. lol.

Jan 20, 2007

Day 14 (2 weeks DOWN!)

We have a lovely, albeit quite out of place, pine tree in our front yard (yes, the same yard with the palm tree). Our sky is this super bright blue today. Believe it or not this is almost sooc. All I did was defog and burn the edges. I'm also pretty darned tickled that I "sort of" got a bit of DOF with a P&S camera (yeeee haw!).

and, just for fun...this is the majority of the same tree, looking up from below. I defogged then ran a fun action on it called "Big Picture" by Panos (found on http://www.atncentral.com/ ).

Jan 19, 2007

Day 13

Bathtime with rubber ducky!

Jan 18, 2007

Day 12

My poor, poor, jade plant is just not handling the cold weather very well. It's looking a tad droopy.

Jan 17, 2007

Day 11

"Mommy, look at my NEW plane!!!"

Is what I was greeted with with I got home from work (the bright, canary yellow plane is the newbie).

Trains, planes and automobiles....ah, that's my boy.

Jan 16, 2007

Day 10

I took this outside of our office of an offshoot of one of our palms. Seven years ago my Docs had this custom office built...gorgeous building, really. We had these 3 gorgeous palms. Well....they starting looking rather pathetic about 3 years ago yet no one had the heart to throw them out (well, they do weigh at least 50 lbs in their planter and they are about 10 ft tall even if 2 inches around..lol). I finally decided to move them outside in the hopes the sun would revive them. Well, uh....it hasn't happened as of YET.

Since I was at work I was able to use the Nikon D70 set on 650 with an F8 stop stetting (boy do I EVER wnat one of these!!! The camera I mean).

Jan 15, 2007

Day 9

Meet "Bubba"

Bubba is a little clay redneck (now...don't get offended. Lots of my hubbys family ARE rednecks! I say it outta love) I made out of sheer boredom (and extra sculpey clay) about 6 months ago. He sits on a little corner shelf next to my computer. Bubba gives me a giggle when the days are long (like today), when I'm achy all over and tired as heck from working (like...TODAY!).

God love ya Bubba. I do.

Jan 14, 2007

Day 8

Baby it's c-o-o-o-o-l-d outside!

So we woke up this morning in sunny Northern California to frozen pipes, frozen grass, frozen...everything! It was 23 degrees at 6:30 am and to Californians that's COLD!!!

Jan 13, 2007

Day 7 - end of Week ONE! (only 51 weeks left)

I have two VERY different photos today. I admit I spent entirely too much time on the computer today and, actually, am soooo ready to be off of it. The first pic I caught Ian while napping. Darnit I wish it was sharper. :( I ran a glamblur action to hide it but you know...you just can't hide or fix blur. Phooey!

So when Ian awoke from his 3 HOUR nap (holy moley) he had such great nap/ hat hair (since you notice he was sleeping with his beanie hat on). I was trying to catch him to get a good photo of it and what does he say??

"Mommy...go a-WAY!"

LOL!! So I did and put a funky action to match his funky personality today. ;)

Jan 12, 2007

Day 6

This is serious business.

My 3.5 yr old son, Ian, is a serious Thomas the Tank Engine addict. He takes his time setting up the tracks and bridges. He's very serious about his set up. Everything needs to be just so.

Santa brought Ian the train table for Christmas in hopes it would keep them off of mamas kitchen table. Well, that plan didn't work so well but...on this morning all the trains were in their yard and on the train table as they should be. :)

Jan 11, 2007

Day 5

Beauty found in the everyday things we pass by without so much as a second thought. This is a macro of my palm tree in my front yard. I just love the lines...they just draw you in.

Jan 10, 2007

Day 4

I think I'm addicted to leaf-less trees. (sigh) They're just so gorgeous sillouetted against the sky be it a sunrise, sunset, midday...anytime. This was taken at work about 11am while looking out our side window. I loved the cloud formation behind the tree AND I was able to use our offices Nikon D70. ;)


Okay Lulu, I accept your challenge to list

100 (gulp) things about myself.
  1. I'm adopted (found/ met my birthmom in '02)
  2. I'm my birthmoms only child; she never carried another baby to term.
  3. My favorite animals are sharks
  4. I want to visit Australia & Ireland
  5. I've never been outside of the United States
  6. My favorite color is purple
  7. I work in an Orthodontic office
  8. I've been an RDA for 17+ years.
  9. I've been with my hubby for 18 years, married 16 of those.
  10. I have a brother
  11. I'm a HUGE fan of Colin Hay/ Men at Work
  12. I met Colin Hay at a small nightclub way back in the 90's.
  13. I have a crush on Colin Firth and Hugh Jackman. (sigh)
  14. My son was born at 32 wks but was the size of a 24 weeker weighing 26.4 oz, 13 in. long.
  15. I've been pregnant 4 times but only have 2 children.
  16. My fathers father emmigrated from Portugal to Hawaii when King Kamehameha ruled.
  17. My ancestry is Irish/ German.
  18. My best friend and I have known each other since we were 2.
  19. I love to cartoon and am pretty good at it.
  20. I wish I lived near the ocean.
  21. I could swim for hours and hours....I'm part fish. (lol)
  22. My favorite author is Nora Roberts. I've read nearly everything she's written.
  23. I have to read every night to got to sleep.
  24. My favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice (BBC version).
  25. I love to put on headphones and BLAST rock and roll music.
  26. I know how to play the piano..
  27. the glockenspiel...
  28. the drums.....
  29. the guitar......
  30. & the contra-alto bass clarinet.
  31. I was in the Mare Island Naval Band
  32. I've done 8 musicals including Cabaret
  33. I'm in a Barbershop quartet
  34. and a Barbershop chorus
  35. I'm afraid of heights
  36. and of fire
  37. My favorite tv shows are Monk
  38. ...NCIS
  39. ...Two and a half men
  40. I have 8 cameras and only 2 work
  41. I'm a pack rat (see above statement)
  42. I've been meaning to enter the photo contest in our town for the last 20 years, never have.
  43. I used to be a gymnist
  44. I broke my arm ice skating
  45. I believe in God, was raised Catholic but don't go to church
  46. I used to go to Catholic school.
  47. The friends I have now have been my friends for nearly 30 years.
  48. I'm afraid to fly
  49. I collect cow stuff
  50. ...and shark stuff
  51. I've been to Las Vegas 3 times
  52. I love to get in the car and drive
  53. I'm an aspiring writer
  54. I make things with beads (braclets, earrings...ect)
  55. I paint
  56. I sew (no clothes just everything else!)
  57. I hate doing the laundry
  58. I despise dusting
  59. I can crochet quite well
  60. I can't knit to save my life
  61. I know CPR
  62. I've ridden in an ambulance at least 4 times
  63. I LOVE roller coasters
  64. I hate spinning rides
  65. I practically live at Target
  66. I've had to use the heimlich manuever on my daughter
  67. I had to use a form of CPR on my son
  68. I was hit by a car as a child and walked away with a scratch
  69. I'm not a democrat nor rebublican...but am conservative
  70. I wear glasses
  71. I have a cure for hiccups that always works.
  72. I've worked at 4 fast food restaurants and a gas station before getting my RDA
  73. The thought of driving in San Francisco terrifies me.
  74. I don't like big cities (see above statement)
  75. I love Monterey...
  76. ...Carmel
  77. ...Lake Tahoe
  78. I'm addicted to YouTube (hahaha)
  79. I have another blog
  80. I usually don't get enough sleep
  81. I'm a germophobe!!
  82. I want to run my own business
  83. I'm bad at math
  84. I changed my major in college 3 times
  85. I have enough credits in music to get my AA in music
  86. I would LOVE, love, love to go in a shark cage and swim with sharks
  87. I have a loud laugh
  88. my laugh, at times, resembles Betty Rubble
  89. I have dimples
  90. I cut my own hair
  91. I loved being pregnant
  92. I'm not as patient as I wish I was
  93. I play video games
  94. I wanted to be a Marine Biologist but Math got in the way (haha)
  95. I can't believe I've thought of this much STUFF about me!
  96. I'm on the computer (on my days off) 5 + hrs a day
  97. I took 281 photos of my son when he was in the hospital for 5.5 weeks
  98. My best achievement is having my children
  99. My hero is my Dad
  100. My Dad has Alzheimers

Jan 9, 2007

Day 3 (and it's a two-fer!)

(click on pic to enlarge)

Late addition to today: My hubby just showed me this pic he took earlier. I call it "Evolution of a smile". He used some multi-image function and it's funny (well, to me) because you can see in the first few frames Ian is waiting patiently for the familiar "click" and flash. When it doesn't happen he looks to the side thinking "hmm....no click, no flash and he's still pointing that thing at me." Finally he just gives in and smiles. AHA! Now the camera clicks. ;)


So it's occured to me that I should be highly embarrassed posting this pic. What's worse, the fact that I still have Christmas lights up or that they're not only up....they're turned ON?

(well HALF of them are. My hubby unplugged the right side last week and yet, they're still lining my walkway.)

(funny side note; after I showed my hubby this pic he promptly went into the garage and unplugged the lights! hahaha)

Jan 8, 2007

Day 2

Ian wasn't feeling well this afternoon and fell asleep on his Daddy.

Jan 7, 2007

Day 1....and so it begins.

I'm joining forces with many other photography enthusiasts in Project 365. Taking one photo a day, everyday for one year. Sounds easy right? Ha.
Day one....I awake to this glorious sunrise.