Jul 26, 2009

Ian's artwork

Ian's artwork, originally uploaded by - Maggie-.

I ♥ it :)

Jul 25, 2009

crescent moon

crescent moon, originally uploaded by - Maggie-.

i was on my way to bed and spotted this. took out my mini tripod, set it on the hood of my car and gave it a go.

Jul 24, 2009

funny tee

funny tee, originally uploaded by - Maggie-.


Jul 5, 2009

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, Petaluma

as we were driving out of Petaluma I glanced to my left and saw the cross peeking out from over the trees. My hubby quickly made a turn and we found this gorgeous church nestled in downtown Petaluma.

July 4th - Doran Beach

We spent July 4th at Doran Beach in Bodega Bay. Perfect weather; not too hot, not cold, no wind, no harsh sun. Lovely. Ian made friends with a couple of seagulls and both kids got a lot of sand in their shorts from playing in the ocean. ;)

Can't wait to do it again!