Jan 26, 2009

multi colored sky

multi colored sky, originally uploaded by - Maggie-.

after driving back from my adventures in capturing rainbows I glanced in my rear view to see these crazy colors. The sky was this freakish yellow/ orange and glowing in front of me but the sky behind me was blue as could be.

Jan 25, 2009

catching rays

catching rays, originally uploaded by - Maggie-.

wall-e taking advantage of the first sunny day in awhile.

Jan 24, 2009

uh oh....mystery solved!

uh oh....mystery solved!, originally uploaded by - Maggie-.

I think Wall-e is rethinking those little treats he found the last two days.

Jan 20, 2009

ooOOOoooh...Wall-E found more goodies

Jan 19, 2009

Putah Creek

Putah Creek, originally uploaded by - Maggie-.

Putah Creek runs from Lake Berryessa (up by Winters) through Winters, Vacaville, Davis and into Fairfield. This is the creek responsible for flooding the houses on the left side years ago when we had hellacious rain.
What looks like vignetting is actually the edges of the chain link fencing I was trying to fit my 50mm lens into (the holes were maybe 2.5 inches wide).

Jan 17, 2009


Ian, originally uploaded by - Maggie-.

Jan 4, 2009

uh oh

uh oh, originally uploaded by - Maggie-.

Jan 3, 2009

Five Questions

T too-much-perfection.blogspot.com/ emailed me some interview questions...here goes!

1. How did you start taking such amazing pictures? Did you take classes or go to school for it? Wow, thanks for saying so. I've loved taking pictures as long as I can remember. I took a photography class in the 10th grade but that was it. I'm not really big on formalized lessons for anything...more of a learn-as-I-go kind of gal. I take pictures of things that i like, love, things that inspire me or make me laugh. It's always a bonus when someone else gets something from them as well.

2. Your graphic art work is so beautiful. How did you get into graphic design? Again, I've been into cartooning and art since a young age. I took an art class in 7th grade (I think) but you already know how I feel about "classes" ;) . Once I discovered photoshop my art went to a whole other level. I could do more do things differently. There were so many more possibilities! I "almost" majored in graphic art but didn't. Shoulda, woulda, coulda!

3. Which character from the Twilight Saga could you relate to the most and why?
Ooooh. I related most to Bella. She's kind of a loner, on the outside a bit. She's a good friend, a realist somewhat. She is who she is an accepts that. Embraces that. She's clumsy. A thinker. Once she finds love her whole world revolves around that. Family means everything to her, as it does to me.

4. What do you look forward to the most in the year 2009?Everything....just better. I'm making myself step out of my comfort zone to turn some "hobbies" into a career (if only on the side). I'm going to Hawaii in March with my parents to photograph, essentially, my Dads last time there. It's hard to think about it in a way but I'm honored to bring these pictures back home. I'm hoping it will be a better year in SO many ways because '08 really, really sucked.

5. What is your favorite quality within yourself?um...my ability to think myself through a situation and come up with a solution. That and the fact I'm a total goof-ball. :D

Thanks T!♥

Want to be part of it? Follow these instructions:

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Jan 2, 2009

making friends

making friends, originally uploaded by - Maggie-.

another in my WALL-E a day series (since I'm addicted to this little guy)

Jan 1, 2009

Eve Birthday Cupcakes

Eve Birthday Cupcakes, originally uploaded by abakedcreation.

with my new addiction to my sons WALL-E toy I got all excited to find these adorable cupcakes by http://www.abakedcreation.com/ on flickr.


Makes me want to run out and buy fondant to play with. ;)

heavy fog

heavy fog, originally uploaded by - Maggie-.

here goes year three in my 365 photo project!