Apr 20, 2010

god bless colored duct tape. That silver would have been SO obvious.

Apr 18, 2010

enjoying our spring evening

Our Blue Jay, originally uploaded by MaggieRDA.

Kicking it
Mike enjoying his "Hazed and Infused" beer

Apr 17, 2010

Medieval Fantasy Festival - Downtown Vacaville

hmm....Captain Barbosa?
always carry a spare stein

Apr 16, 2010

Love the name!

Love the name!, originally uploaded by MaggieRDA.

Hazed and Infused cap

Apr 14, 2010

cool marble floating in fizz

cool marble floating in fizz, originally uploaded by MaggieRDA.

don't drink the marble
read care-ful-ly

Apr 11, 2010

Two thumbs up for creepy-faced plastic ride-on animal


drip, originally uploaded by MaggieRDA.

Apr 10, 2010

Blue Moon Beer

Blue Moon Beer, originally uploaded by MaggieRDA.

loading these up for my hubs who wants to blog about beers. Hasn't happened yet, will let you know when he does!

Apr 9, 2010

blue jay

blue jay, originally uploaded by MaggieRDA.

our resident Blue Jay who comes to look for bugs daily.

Apr 8, 2010


sunwashed, originally uploaded by MaggieRDA.

practicing getting the "sunwashed" look...

Apr 7, 2010


owie, originally uploaded by MaggieRDA.

yeah, so i was rear-ended today. wth? ug!!! wouldn't have been so bad but my kids were in the car with me. We all got a pretty good hit. No one was injured...but my car (and a bit of whiplash). Luckily the Nissan made it through with just this rip on the bumper. She did hit us hard enough to imprint her drivers plate numbers onto my bumper.

Apr 6, 2010


playtime , originally uploaded by MaggieRDA.

Apr 5, 2010


blooms , originally uploaded by MaggieRDA.

Apr 4, 2010

where'd they go?

where'd they go?, originally uploaded by MaggieRDA.

spidey eggs

Apr 3, 2010

ties and eggs met and meshed. Pretty cool i think!

Pile o' ties waiting for their eggs to dye
 Cool Silk Tie Dyed Eggs

Okay, I can't stand Martha Stewart any more than most people but sometimes....just sometimes she has a good thought. Great idea. These eggs dyed with silk ties are super easy to make. I went out to the 98cent store and bought 3 of them (for I had already purchased two, god awful ones at Good Will. $5 a piece. dang. Live and learn). Ironically enough the two $5 ties did nothing....nothing!! The cheapie 98cent ties rocked. The crazier,the more god-awful pattern on the tie..the BETTER!


Tip #1...skip Goodwill. They're cheap...but not that cheap.  

Since you also need a bedsheet or linen I also bought a pillowcase at the 98cent store.  

Tip #2...get everything at the 98cent store. They have it all!

Tip #3...If your egg doesn't come out (or comes out plain like 4 of mine did) re-wrap them in one of the used ties that DID work and re-boil. Works FABULOUSLY!

and that's a good thing. ;)

{you can see the pics of the whole process here}

wooot! How to Train your Dragon...in 3D

yeah...we kool

Apr 2, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Preston!!