Aug 31, 2007

Day 240 - Vacation Day 2; Creature comforts...

sun fish

sea horse

shark case (live baby shark inside!)

nemos home (sea anemone)


baby great white!


all creatures great and small, slimy and wet, slick and fav pics

Aug 30, 2007

Day 239 - Vacation Day 1; on a Mission (or two)

We visited two Missions on our drive to Monterey...Mission San Jose' and Mission San Juan Bautista.

***** On VACATION!!! (wooot!!) *****

Will post pics when we return. :)

Aug 29, 2007

Day 238 - Sunsets; Day 3

Yeah, it's a cheater post but I'm packing for our trip. ;)
This sunset pic was actually taken on Sunday night
with my cheapo, crapolla camera. Dang. Nice shot!

Aug 28, 2007

Day 237 - Sunsets; Day 2

Aug 27, 2007

Day 237 - Sunset.....

Aug 26, 2007

Day 232 - Summerfun; end of summer party

-My CO girls!-

Every year our office has a patient appreciation party. This year
was no exception..but we did take it up a notch; rock climbing
wall, waterslides, DJ, swimming, BBQ...and tons of great, GREAT prizes!

the kiddie area (faces are blurred on purpose) ;)

I'd LOVE to show more pics but there's a lot of kids that I just don't have permission to show.

Aug 25, 2007

Day 235 - Summer Fun; Beans!

Yes beans...lots of them! They make up these "pictures".

close-up (click on it, I left it big so you can see the details)

We have 2 Jelly Belly outlets in town....this is the only one displaying the jelly bean pictures.

Aug 24, 2007

Day 235 - Summertime Fun; Nut Tree...again

Mike was home early today so we did lunch @ Fentons and
then hit the Nut Tree park. Ian just loves it there!
Wish I got a better shot of his "flamingo" on the merry-go-round.

No, really, he was having fun. I love the action in this shot.

Something struck me about the way the bumper cars were aligned.

Us "Vacavillians" can really appreciate these nostalgic Nut Tree rocking horses.

and while the kids rock the horses, the parents rock!

Aug 23, 2007

Day 233 - Summertime; cool, clear...water!

Aug 22, 2007

Day 232 - Summertime Fun?? no....back to school :(

tomorrow is Em's first day as an 8th grader! wow.
Doncha just loooooove the new backpack?
Last year it was Bratz, year before that Hello Kitty...times are a changin'.
I'd better enjoy it now because it will never look this clean again!

Aug 21, 2007

231 - Summertime; pumpkin blossoms

Our pumpkin plant is blossoming!! Yay!

Aug 20, 2007

Day 230 - my morning bliss

Aug 19, 2007

Day 229 - Rub-a-dub-dub

i love the stop motion I got with the water. They look like big bubbles!

Aug 18, 2007

Day 228 - Vintage; dictionary

Aug 17, 2007

Day 227 - Vintage; Cars & Cups

Pics I took while at my parents collects EVERYTHING but the china cups caught my attention while my Dad has always collected car stuff.

Aug 16, 2007

Day 226 - Vintage; wedding gown

my poor wedding gown (and veil). 17 years old. never dry cleaned and preserved.
has a small tear in it and stains from party goers at my wedding
spilling on my dress (near the bottom) as we danced at our reception.
yet I love it. I love that the very last time it was worn was at my wedding reception.
I love that I remember how it was torn and who tore it (quite by accident).
I love that I remember the complete and utter happiness I felt that day.
it was the most fun I ever had.

Aug 15, 2007

Day 225 - Vintage; Letterman

My old letterman's jacket. Boy was my mom MAD when I changed the name on the hood to my nickname after she paid for it.

Aug 14, 2007

Day 224 - Vintage; china cup

Aug 13, 2007

Day 223 - Vintage; plates

Aug 12, 2007

Day 221 - Alphabet; "K"

Aug 11, 2007

Day 221- Alphabet; "M"

Aug 10, 2007

Day 220 - Alphabet; "Y"

Aug 9, 2007

Day 219 - Alphabet; "B"

Aug 8, 2007

Day 218 - Alphabet; "L"

Aug 7, 2007

Day 217 - The Alphabet; "C"

Aug 6, 2007

Day 216 - Alphabet; "T"