Jun 30, 2007

Day 175 - Inside..

the imagination of a toddler.


Jun 29, 2007

Day 174 - Inside....

...my closet are these. They are the dolls my grandmother played with as a child. She would have been 96 this year.

Jun 28, 2007

Day 173 - glass block

Jun 27, 2007

Day 172 - quad cam

...this weeks theme is "inside" so here's the "inside" (sort of...go with it) of my camera.

Jun 26, 2007

Day 171 - inside peek

inside our Jade plant/ planter

Jun 25, 2007

Day 170 - new artist is born

So Emmaline is following in her mamas footsteps. Another artist is born. Yup, I'm so proud. She definately has her own "style" and did this pic free hand in no time flat.

Jun 24, 2007

Day 169 (24 wks) - SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEL!!!!

Many of you remember how completely excited I was at finding the "Toy Car Story" cars awhile back. I even went online ISO the other "Car" parody cars (bugs life, monsters inc...etc). Well, no such luck. I DID, however find Mike and Sully online but didn't make that final step to purchase them online. Just couldn't do it.
So imagine my glee (reminicent of a 2 yr old) in seeing Mike and Sully at TARGET!! Oh yeah, baby. They're mine. ALLLLLLL mine.
------- (Ed: to add Woody and Buzz cars I found in May) ------

Jun 23, 2007

Day 168 - Jaded

Jun 22, 2007

Day 167 - ARG!

Ian's new pirate hat. ARG!

Jun 21, 2007

Day 166 - BRACED!

Emmy began phase II orthodontic treatment today. Lucky me, I got to put her braces on. :)
I caught her while eating, hence the "chipmunk cheeks".

She went GREEN for her first go 'round.

Jun 20, 2007

Day 165 - ding dong

Jun 19, 2007

Day 164 - all about color

Jun 18, 2007

Day 163 - "valley faire"

This is a lithograph my mother bought at an art auction many years ago. The hills remind me of Vacaville. It hangs it my living room and reminds me t have "fun" now and again.

Jun 17, 2007

Day 162 - hold my hand (23 wks)

I must have a *thing* for hands...here's a recent pic of Ian holding my hand. Wow, has he grown.
Holding my hand at 4 months old
comparison pic I did waaaay back of him holding my finger at 2 days old and 2 months old. Yes, that first picture his entire hand only covered the end of my forefinger.

Jun 16, 2007

Day 161 - bloomin'

Jun 15, 2007

Day 160 - Six Flags; revisited

newborn butterfly drying its wings
yea!!! I finally got a pristine pic SOOC! (and a TON of bokeh/DOF)
I did not use any actions/ blurring on this. I think the soft focus is from the EXTREME high humidity in there. LORD we were soaking wet when we left and we were only in there about 15 minutes.

taking a breather..

see ya later alligator

Jun 14, 2007

Day 159 - Pretty in Pink

I looked out of my window and saw this bizarre sky. I've heard the saying "red sky in morning, sailors take warning...red sky at night, sailors delight." So.....what's pink mean?
my well loved, well worn flip-flops.

Jun 13, 2007

Day 158 - a tale of two textures

defogged, sharpened for web, vignette and framed.

Jun 12, 2007

Day 157 - my Daddy is...


Jun 11, 2007

Day 156 - simply red

My mini roses in the backyard. WOW. When did THIS color happen? Keep in mind this bud measures 1.5 inches across.
Defogged, burned egdes. That's it. Seriously. The color was almost TOO much for my camera all by it's natural ol' self. NO colorpop needed or used.

I KNOW I did the "ring thang" yesterday but I went out back to take pics and saw THIS floating in my pool. Since hubby works for Target I had to take the pic. You understand.

Jun 10, 2007

Day 155 - ring it (22 wks)

Jun 9, 2007

Day 154 - oh whaddasky

Jun 8, 2007

Day 153 - summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertime

SOOC - only a vignette and frame added

Jun 7, 2007

Day 152 - long shadows

Jun 6, 2007

Day 151 - leaf it

Jun 5, 2007

***Day 150*** - quack!

Jun 4, 2007

day 149 - A Dronkey...

....is what you get when you cross a Donkey with a Dragon.

Jun 3, 2007

Day 148 - Discovering Discovery Kingdom (21 wks)

Seriously I could have posted about 30 pics today. We had such fun at Six Flags (no longer Marine World) Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo.

See more pics Sure they're not looking at me...they're looking at SF's photog. Thanks guys!

One of two, newer, younger dolphins...boy they were having a blast. This one kept zooming in on Ian who was sitting in the window.

At first I was really bummed with how this pic turned out but once I opened it on my computer at home...I loved it!

Jun 2, 2007

Day 147 - Park it!

After months and months of waiting our new park opened up. Of course we had to test drive everything. It was fun! Ian loved the bulldozers and Emmy loved the spinning seat.

the colorful awning

Conquering the rock wall.

tea in the train cars.

Jun 1, 2007

Day 146 - Weapon of Choice

Our guitar game controller for our families new video game addiction; Guitar Hero.
LOTS of action to be had