Apr 30, 2007

Day 114

One more silouette for the road?
My daughter letting her the "rocker" in her come out while playing "Guitar Hero II".

Apr 29, 2007

Day 113

"Let the sun shine....let the sun shine in, the sun shine in..."

Apr 28, 2007

Day 112 (16 weeks)

Apr 27, 2007

Day 111

Apr 26, 2007

Day 110

Weekly Challenge: Silouettes & Shadows
bird on a hot asphalt roof

can YOU see the fly on the plant?

Apr 25, 2007

Day 109

Weekly Challenge: Silouettes & Shadows
Can we say NO sun? None. Zippo. Nadda. Overcast, shadowless day (no, really I walked around everywhere...no shadows. The clouds make shadows non-existent.)
What to do? Take goofy pics of course. ;)

Peep hole....

One of two identical windows on my door that I painted ages ago because the sun would shine through and BLIND you mid-afternoon.

Apr 24, 2007

Day 108

Weekly Challenge: Silouettes and Shadows...
my baby boys shadow on the fence

and there's just something about this picture I love...

Apr 23, 2007

Day 107

Weekly challenge: Shadows & Sillouettes..

Apr 22, 2007

Day 106

"What makes you, you."
Well, it's the last day of the challenge...so here goes. I'm a musician. I play piano, have since I was 11 years old. I also play the contra-alto-bass-clarinet, guitar, glockenspiel (basically a marching version of the xylophone but metal), chimes, xylophone (was in the percussion section in band) and tenor drum (marching instrument). I'm sure I've forgotten something but that's okay. I consider myself a "jack of all trades; master of none". lol.

proof is in the pic....have a laugh! (circa 1985)

Hard rain coming down....all my rose bushes were leaning over after being beat down by the rain. :(

Apr 21, 2007

Day 105 (15 weeks)

"What makes you, you."
I'm an avid reader. The books here are maybe 1/5th of my collection (this bookcases' top shelf is two-books deep). I read everything from Tolkien to Sci fi novels. Jane Austen to JK Rowling and lots in between. Can you tell who my favorite author is?? (haha)

Apr 20, 2007

Day 104

"What makes you, you."
I'm a craft geek. I love to do beading and make jewelry. I used to scrapbook but, honestly, in the digital age I haven't printed 2% of the pictures I've taken much less scrapbook them.

Apr 19, 2007

Day 103

"What makes you, you."
I am an aspiring cartoonist. Charles Shultz was my hero as a kid. Well, him and Walt Disney. I quickly scribbled this out tonight and PHOTOGRAPHED it (which is why the quality is pffhhht!!).

(click to enlarge. I left this one larger so you can read all the tid bits)

Apr 18, 2007

Day 102

"What makes you, you."
My wedding ring doesn't make me me (it's weird for me to think jewelry can "make" you anything), but it represents something that is a huge part of me. My marriage....going on 17 years this year (19 together).

Apr 17, 2007

Day 101

"what makes me, me"
finding my Birthmother...
These are momentos from finding my birthmother and our first contacts. I was adopted at birth and went to live with my adoptive parents at 3 days old. In these momentos I have copies of our emails we exchanges, cards (the big cut-out "thank you" she gave to my mom) and the photocopies I made at her high school from her yearbook year when I was searching for her. Seeing those photos made me cry because when I saw her face...I knew I had found my birthmom. We looked so much alike. I found her in May of 2002 after searching for her for over 10 years.

Apr 16, 2007

****Day 100****

This weeks theme..."what makes you..you."
Part of what makes me, me is singing baritone in Sweet Adelines. Above you seen LOTS of glitter and glitz; that is a definate trait of a Sweet Adeline.
There's my registered quartet pin, the bracelet I wore onstage in a quartet comptetition, my part pin (BARI), music staff and treble clef pin, Chorus pin, earrings I wore in competition with my chorus and of course...my medals; 2 1st place, once second place and three third place medals I have another 2nd place medal but it's in a frame with my chorus picture from last year. The fourth place medal (dark one) we won at an International competition (in San Antonio, Texas) against the winning midsize choruses from around the world...and we placed 4th. Not bad! Everything is laying on my choruses traveling shirt. Kind of like a uniform; our whole chorus wears the same outfit so we can be indentified in a crowd (which...there always is when Sweet Adelines gather).

Apr 15, 2007

Day 99

We went kite flying today...and can you believe THIS is my favorite pic?

Apr 14, 2007

Day 98 (14 weeks)

..."it never rains in California, but girl don' they warn ya...it pours, man it pours."
April showers bring May flowers? My oldest and only full-sized rose bush.

..."rainy days and mondays always get me down."

Apr 13, 2007

Day 97

Continuing the "little things" theme....

I'm not sure if this is Annie or Clarabell...but it's one of Thomas' passenger cars.

Apr 12, 2007

Day 96

more "little things"

Apr 11, 2007

Day 95

"The little things"
These are my faerie, or miniature roses. They're the only plant I can't seem to kill...in fact they're thriving like mad this spring.

The biggest buds measure about 2 inches, the baby buds maybe 3/4 inches. I have 9 mini rose bushes in my front yard and 3 in my backyard. No two are the same color. My oldest rose bush is about 9 years old, my youngest is 1 year.

Apr 10, 2007

Day 94

My picture of the day was VERY easy today....yes, it's the little things in life that make it worthwhile and, while I'm not trying to be materialistic....I will for one moment.
This is my very FIRST new car! :)
(the yucky antifreeze mess under the car was left from the van)

Our minivan is no more...well, no longer ours. We traded it in for this jewel. I LOVE it!! I LOVE not having to watch gauges to see if I'm going to overheat....this....is...so...SWEET!
I put a little "flip-flop/ Hawaiian" decal on the back and Mike said I was "chick-i-fying it". lol.

Yeah, so?

Apr 9, 2007

Day 93

This weeks challenge is "the little things"
This week, in our moms community, we lost a very precious little soul.
Miss Abbi; just 15 months old.
This photo is for her.
Sometimes the littlest things can make the biggest impact.
They leave behind big gaps in our lives, have the biggest hearts, and make the biggest impressions.
The little things in our life can be easily missed, easily looked over until they're gone.
Then the littlest thing in our life is the only thing we want back.
Our hearts ache for the loss of Abbi and the absence of her spirit in her families life.
We pray for comfort and peace to surround her brothers, her mother, and father.
Give them strength and hope to carry them through.
Let their memories be held close to their hearts and minds.
Let them know how much their little girl touched the lives of so many who never met her.

Apr 8, 2007

Day 92

Orange blossoms on one of my Dads' orange trees.

some colorfully written on eggs...

Apr 7, 2007

Day 91 (13 weeks)

It doesn't go with this weeks theme...but I love it.
My 3.5 yr old niece, Bailey.

Apr 6, 2007

Day 90

definition of silly....


Apr 5, 2007

Day 89

Continuing this weeks challenge of "humor" a dog my daughters teacher gave to her.

Apr 4, 2007

Day 88

Apr 3, 2007

Day 87

Challenge for this week.....SILLY!
I think this qualifies as silly. It was crazy hair day at Em's school. She's showing off her funkified pony tails.

Apr 2, 2007

Day 86

We're welcoming the newest member of our family.
It's a..........Canon!

Apr 1, 2007

Day 85

taking a late afternoon stroll
"Look at the wheels on THAT truck. Whew!"