Jul 31, 2008

multi colored swirl

multi colored swirl2
feeling crafty lately....here's one of many necklaces I've made recently.

Jul 29, 2008


Jul 26, 2008

crafty...day 2

Day 2 of our craftiness.... This necklace looks
WAY better on than off.

I gave Emmy my beads and let her go nuts.
I LOVE what she came up with.

fun with wordle

I found the script to the movie Pride and Prejudice online and wordled it.
Thanks Lisa (since I found it on your blog... )

I "wordled" my blog and came up with this....

Jul 25, 2008

ian michael....my little guitar hero

fun with photoshop...lol


Every time I hear the word "crafty" in relation
to making crafts it makes me think of being sneaky. lol
I was bored this afternoon and made this lovely
beaded necklace with sterling silver and multi colored
purple beads.
Now I just either need someone to give it to
or somewhere to wear it!

Jul 24, 2008

natures lace

I found this cool pine tree branch in my backyard

Jul 20, 2008

what WE did today

Yesterday we went to the Nut Tree Park .
As we were returning to it after lunch this lady walks up to me and says "Is this your son?"

I'm thinking oh my goodness...do I KNOW her?
I replied, "yes, he is"

"oh, well would he be interested in auditioning for movies and tv?"

I must've had a look on my face like are you for real?
So she gave me some paperwork and let me know where to go,
where the auditions will be and what to expect.
Turns out she's a scout for the agency that casts for Nickelodeon, Disney and such.
I thought, cool. Should be fun.
She really wanted Emmy to come as well since they're looking for kids 5-16.

So I'm not expecting much. I don't know if Emmy will do it being as painfully shy
as she is but figured Ian would totally dig this.

We get there and they get a choice of scripts to perform.
Emmy actually picked the hardest one, I got a bit worried but kept
reminding her this is just for fun...you can say that you auditioned for
Disney and Nickelodeon over the summer. Cool.
Really I was worried she'd freeze as soon as she got up there.


Ian went first and was sooooo entralled with his own image on the
screen behind him he didn't say the line he'd been saying over and
over for 12 hrs straight. Em tried to help but no way.
The lady helping him really, really liked him because she kept him up there forEVER!
She even let another kid audition then came back to him.
He just smiled and flirted with her. :doh:

Then Emmy went and did GREAT! She said the lines just fine and didn't waiver one bit.
SO proud!! I wish I brought my camera, all I had was my cellphone to take pics with.

After the audition we moved to a different area to talk to talent agents.
She really cued into Emmy and was very interested in her.
Ian was fiddling around and being a spaz. ug. The lady asked me if I took the photos
I brought with me (of the kids) I said, Yes. She said "wow, great pictures! Are you a photographer?" I told her just amature photography but, boy...that was nice to hear!

So, she said about 20% of the kids will get a call back. We'll see.
I'm not stressed either way but we'll know within a week. I'm chalking this up to a fun experience for the kids.

waiting in line to screen test

Ian's turn

still trying to get Ian to talk.....(he's busy flirting)

Emmy's turn!

Now they've moved Ian to a chair so he can't see himself on the big screen.

Jul 19, 2008

fun at Nut Tree Park - very pic heavy

fun with Koi; walk onto the bridge..they go nuts. Walk off the
bridge they swim away. On, off, on, off....poor little fishes.

Emmy spotted this dragonfly so my quest began to capture the
little bugger on film.
(this is about a 25% crop)

Think our food is trying to tell us something??
The anti-onion ring.

the animal Ian settled for; the zebra

Ians first choice of merry-go-round ride; the pink flamingo

I thought this guy was the COOLEST character on the merry-go-round
but Ian refused to ride it (hmph!)

Snapped this quick on the way out of the park.
This train is an icon to us Vacavillians.

I so love this pic of Ian and his Dad.

Jul 11, 2008

air you can sink your teeth into.

and this was taken at 7:30am...gag.
Now they're saying don't even exercise INDOORS
because the bad air is getting inside too.

Jul 10, 2008


Jul 9, 2008

I :heart: iced tea

mmm.....nothing better to beat the heat

Jul 8, 2008


I've been double-jointed in my hands, arms and feet forever...

Jul 2, 2008


Jul 1, 2008

...makes perfect.

shockingly enough, this was taken AFTER his bath.
At least he was clean for about 10 minutes.