Feb 28, 2010

feb 28 - Dad's camillias

feb 28 - Dad's camillias, originally uploaded by MaggieRDA.

his most loved flowers bloomed again. I took a couple of blossoms and laid them in a abalone shell I found in his backyard (dash of water for them to bathe in).

Feb 27, 2010

craft time!

making water molecules @ michaels

Feb 26, 2010


here i be :)

Feb 25, 2010

Ian having a "home alone" moment

in reality he was readying to cover his eyes with his hands. I was faster.

Feb 24, 2010

smells like scentsy

with a funky filter (PS)

Feb 23, 2010

mellow yellow

mellow yellow, originally uploaded by MaggieRDA.

Feb 22, 2010


blossoms, originally uploaded by MaggieRDA.

Feb 21, 2010

{day 48} Biscuit Au Beurre (butter spongecake)

start to finish, originally uploaded by MaggieRDA.

Making Julia Childs Biscuit Au Beurre (butter spongecake) with homemade buttercream frosting. mmmmmmmmmm

Biscuit Au Beurre (butter spongecake)
Ian licking the buttercream frosting beater
boeuf bougonone
let the drooling and chowing down commence!

Feb 20, 2010

{day 47} yup, i bought it....

{day 47} yup, i bought it...., originally uploaded by MaggieRDA.

i watched "julie and julia" the other night and had to get the book. I'm excited about trying out some recipes. i can't believe it's taken me this long to buy it since I've i had the "joy of cooking" and "betty crocker" cookbooks forever!

Feb 17, 2010

{day 46} getting warmer

get warmer, originally uploaded by MaggieRDA.

Ian pulled this out of his closet the other day. It was how they used to warm his bottles when he was in the NICU (fill the jug with warm water, drop the bottles in and they'd gently warm up). I still remember the sweet ehart of a nurse who decorated his warmer.

Feb 16, 2010

{day 45} the thinker

the thinker, originally uploaded by MaggieRDA.

sometimes even he slows down to think. Not often. Not often enough...but it happens

Feb 15, 2010

{day 44} plus size cheetos

plus size cheetos , originally uploaded by MaggieRDA.

omg. seriously. HEAVEN. MARSHMALLOW sized cheeto puffs. yumm-o.

Feb 14, 2010

{day 43} lollipop....oh lollipop *pop*

lollipop....oh lollipop *pop*, originally uploaded by MaggieRDA.

happy valentines day!

Feb 13, 2010

{day 42} Disney on Ice - Arco Arena

Disney on Ice - Arco Arena pano

Disney on Ice - Arco Arena, originally uploaded by MaggieRDA.
Disney on Ice - Arco Arena
Disney on Ice - Arco Arena

Disney on Ice - Arco Arena
Disney on Ice - Arco Arena
Disney on Ice - Arco Arena
We went to see Disney on Ice at the Arco Areno on saturday...what a fun show! I took WAY too many pics but that's how I am.

You can check out the rest here

Feb 12, 2010

{day 41} happy "early" valentines day!

Feb 11, 2010

{day 40} rocking out to my GLEE cd

Feb 8, 2010

{day 39} family....1998

this is a plate I painted well over 10 yrs ago. *sigh*
Emmy was just a little girl, 4 yrs old, and we still had
our kitty, Clyde, and our newest kitty, Sadie (both have passed).
It was years before Ian...guess it's time to update, huh?

Feb 7, 2010

{day 38} new tooth!

{day 38} new tooth!, originally uploaded by MaggieRDA.

finally...after waiting for over TWO months Ians adult central incisor has FINALLY showed up! Yea!

Feb 6, 2010

{day 37} Palm'n it

{day 37} Palm'n it, originally uploaded by MaggieRDA.

when all else fails....grab the fish-eye lens.

Feb 5, 2010

{day 36} Lagoon Valley Lake

{day 36} reflecting, originally uploaded by MaggieRDA.

looks serene doesn't it?

{day 36} sun beams
For long-time Vacavillians, we know this place...not as a "lake" per say but more like a big pond. I went out there today to see what I could see.
{day 36} peaceful
This little guy was fun. He'd "pose" dive under water, return and pose again.

You can see the rest of my pictures from this day here

Feb 4, 2010

{day 35} waiting

{day 35} waiting, originally uploaded by MaggieRDA.

Ian wanted to watch as the cookies "went flat". He even did quite a catchy "cookie going flat" dance and song.

Feb 3, 2010

{day 34} treasure ♥

{day 34} treasure, originally uploaded by MaggieRDA.

{day 34} ♥
this is truly better than gold or diamonds to me. better than a pile of money or lotto tickets. It's my Dads journal he kept during the war. It was comforting to see his writing, to hear him talk through what he wrote. I miss him.

Feb 2, 2010

{day 33} it's GROUNDHOG DAY!

{day 33} it's GROUNDHOG DAY!, originally uploaded by MaggieRDA.

don't forget your booties cause it's cold outside!

Feb 1, 2010

{day 32} thankful

{day 32} thankful, originally uploaded by MaggieRDA.

I am ever so thankful for so many, many things. Thankful for friends who took time from their busy lives to send up a prayer for me, some more than once, while I was in the hospital. I am thankful to be home again and for renewed health and thankful for the miracles I found while hospitalized.

Thank you friends♥