Oct 31, 2007

day 280 - Trick-or-treat!

A cool (and GINORMOUS!) pumpkin we saw while out trick-or-treating.
(Notice the little pumpkin, that's also carved, between it's teeth!)
ss 1/200/ f 5.6/ ISO=1600
{SOOC/ cropped}
My little trick-or-treaters right before heading out.
ss 1/60/ F 4.5/ ISO=400
{defog/ crop}

Oct 30, 2007

Day 279 - final touch..

Okay, this is the finishing touch for Emmy's InuYasha costume.
This "fang" necklace. I purchased the wooden beads but had to
handcraft the "fangs" from sculpy clay and bake them.
Oh...then I "glazed" the fangs in glow-in-the-dark fingernail polish (heehee).
I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
ss 1/200 F5 ISo=800
{Defog/ Vignette}

ss 1/200 F5 ISO=800
{Defog/ vignette}

Oct 29, 2007

Day 278 - ooooo-weeee-oooo

ss 1/1250/ f8 ISO 400
{defog/ vignette/ urban acid action}

Oct 28, 2007

Day 277 - Signs...

that Halloween is near.

pic #1 - ss 1/100/ f 5.6/ ISO 800
{retro action @ 0% opacity/ defog/ vignette}
pic #2 - ss 1/125/ f 5.0/ ISO 800
{retro action @ 100% opacity/ defog/ vignette}

Oct 25, 2007

Day 276 - mooning...

75-300mm lens
ss 1/1600/ f 5.6/ ISO=100
{defog, web sharpen, crop}

Oct 20, 2007

Day 275 - Day @ the train museum...

Ian and Dad heading into the train station/ museum

My bright-smiled Emmy ready to go

(it's been a good 6 yrs since she's been here)

Who knew we still had open land?


"Got my pumpkins Mom!"


The only photo I didn't take; my mom-in-law did but I loved the feel of it.

I did a radial blue on it to tune into his face.


All taken w/ Kit lens

{Jazz-it-up action/ defog/ vignette and many, many more tricks}

Oct 18, 2007

Day 274 - Holy Cow!

I stuck this on my cabinet about 8 years ago just to be funny...
well, it's still there. mooooo-baby!
Kit Lens
1/30 @ 5.6 ISO=100 (well crimeny, that explains a lot!)
{Custom Vignette, Jazz-it-up Action, USM}

Oct 17, 2007

Day 273 - funny money

Kit Lens
{comix action/ framed}

Oct 16, 2007

Day 272 - I love this

I don't know why...but I love this.
Something about the light hitting the street pole
and the crisp silouettes of the houses,
the weird fisheye-ish look and the sunbeams.
Kit lens (18-55mm)
1/1600 @ F18/ ISO=400
{defog/ sharpened for web}

Oct 15, 2007

Day 271 - good morning!

Red sky in morning..sailors take warning.
Yes we are due for more rain today (sigh).
75-300mm lens
1/200 @ F4 / ISO=400
{defog +30/ saturation +10/ burned upper corners/ frame}

Oct 14, 2007

Day 270 - my town...

still has open farm land....so far.
75-300mm lens
1/1000 @ F 5.6/ ISO400
{adj. levels, "Jazz-it-up" action, defog, vignette and frame}

Oct 13, 2007

Day 269 - Here comes the sun...

75-300mm lens
1/2000 @ F5.6/ ISO=400
{defog/ web sharpen/adjusted curves/ framed}

Oct 12, 2007

Day 268 - here comes the rain again...

75-300mm lens
1/200 @ F4/ ISO=400
{defogged/ framed/ sharpened for web}

Oct 11, 2007

Day 267 - Rain, rain go away...

...not really; I LOVE it!
75-300mm lens
1/60 @ F5.6/ ISO=400
{defog/vignette/ web sharpen/frame}

Oct 10, 2007

Day 266 - world-wide web?

Saw this on my front lawn and had to take a photo of it.
55mm lens
1/200 @ F5.6/ ISO=400
{web sharpen/ defog/ color pop/ frame}

Oct 6, 2007

Every Baby Has a Story...March of Dimes

Oct 5, 2007

Day 264 - Action!

or...actionS. Fiddling around in photoshop.
My teeny, tiny portion of my "eclectic" cd collection.

Oct 4, 2007

Day 263 - kickin' it....

yeah, the couch potato is gone....welcome the computer sloth!
(the screen on the left is showing a tv...it's a bit blurred)

Oct 1, 2007

Day 262 - if you like Pina Coladas

Well, how about miniature Margaritas?
This one sits atop my computer monitor and measures just over an inch.
Believe it or not, it was an "accessory" to a Bratz doll.

"Warning: Plastic dolls may become drunk."


This weeks theme is F-stop/ ISO's.
Take 3 photos at different F-stops OR ISO's.

Here's mine for tonight.