Jan 31, 2008

Day 340 - greeeeeeeen

a cool coaster

Jan 29, 2008

Day 339 - jaws...

Jan 28, 2008

Day 338 - twigs

Jan 27, 2008

Day 337 - tweet

Jan 26, 2008

Day 336 - Hanging out with Papa

Papa came over to hang out while Grandma went to the mall.

Jan 25, 2008

Day 335 - under the weather and bad day for flip flops

Ian's a bit under the weather this week. Confirmation of that is that he is napping. He gave up napping at 18 months old. His hand is still up by his face where he was holding his nebulizer mask. hehe.
Bad day for flip flops.... (sigh)

Jan 24, 2008

Day 334 - need I say more?

Jan 23, 2008

Day 333 - happiness is

Thanks KIM!

Jan 21, 2008

Day 332 - hmmm.....

look cloooooooooser...

Jan 20, 2008

Day 331 - meal time

Ian's idea of "dinner" (complete with a mini trash can in the background)

Jan 19, 2008

Day 330 - cheeseball


Jan 18, 2008

Day 329 - brrrrrrr

yep, it's cold outside. I love how the grass looks "sugared".

Jan 17, 2008

Day 328 - hieroglyphics

Emmys art project...kind of cool huh?

Jan 16, 2008

Day 327 - no more fog

yeah, no fog today...Six Flags doesn't look as impressive from this angle for some reason.
(Kaiser is on the other side of the hill...pretty much)
I probably shouldn't add the fact that I snapped this while exiting the freeway going a good 65 mph. (eeeck!!)

Jan 15, 2008

Day 326 - foggy

In driving to Kaiser 2x's a day I pass Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.
It's VERY close to the road so I thought it'd be fun to take some pics.
Well....so much for that. The fog was SO dense you could hardly see anything.
Oh well, I'll try again another day.
the red coaster is Vortex, and the wooden roller coaster is the Grizzly (our fav).

the neon green coaster is Medusa (floorless coaster) and the orange one in the back is Kong (stand up coaster).

Jan 13, 2008

Day 325 - Ian

it's all I've got. Took this last night at work, he was hanging out in the dental chair while I loaded photos.

Jan 12, 2008

Day 324 - defying gravity

dew - take two...

Jan 11, 2008

Day 323 - Answer and interstate dew highway

Kinda looks like an Interstate Highway for little droplets of dew.

the answer from yesterdays pic was a Goofy Pez Deispenser.

Jan 10, 2008

Day 322 - What am I (answer and pic)

Betty got it right!! It's a hairband.

Jan 9, 2008

Day 321 - answer and question

cellphone of course...

Jan 8, 2008

Day 320 - What am I? (answer and new pic)

a cookie press!

Jan 7, 2008

Day 319 - What am I? (answer and new pic)

Annette guessed right....it's BROCCOLI!

Jan 6, 2008

Day 318 - What am I?

Jan 5, 2008

Day 317 - kiss, kiss


Jan 4, 2008

Day 316 - Storm Front

First casualty of the day....our rose bush, tipped over due to the super, soggy ground. :(

our "rain gauge"...no I didn't run a watercolor action on it. It looks like that because of the water on my window.

the view from my computer

ooooh pretty colors. Crummy weather. We're smack dab between SF and Sacramento.

Jan 3, 2008

Day 315 - faceless

happy meal toy. IPenguin...kinda creepy with no face

Jan 2, 2008

Day 314 - MOD bling

my phone decorated with my March of Dimes (MOD) bling. ;)

Jan 1, 2008

Day 313 - still bird hunting

It's really grainy but I like it. If you could have seen the before you'd know why, it was basically black.
I forgot I had adjusted my settings before taking this shot but I really tried hard to salvage it.
and in color
Hard to believe the "before" was a black frame!