Aug 31, 2009

just a reminder...

just a reminder..., originally uploaded by - Maggie-.

genius! We surely won't forget now.

Aug 28, 2009

dyslexic in the school parking lot

you'd think they'd try to be more aware of how they write
letters in a SCHOOL parking lot.
Might wanna rethink the "N".

Aug 27, 2009

Steam Engine

Steam Engine, originally uploaded by - Maggie-.

Holy cow! Just got this email tonight:

"The People's Choice winners have been announced and our very own Margaret placed second in the world in a field of 900 entries. The (Sacramento Railroad) museum will display Margaret's photo as well as the local winner and as the second place winner globally."


Thank you friends! This is all because of YOU!!!! Thanks a million times over!!!! :D

Aug 21, 2009


walkway, originally uploaded by - Maggie-.

I couldn't resist pulling over to snap a pic of this on my way home from Winters.

I processed this in Lightroom using a dragonizer preset. LOVE the results!

Aug 20, 2009

back to school we GO!

and my little boy couldn't be HAPPIER!

Aug 17, 2009

baby jovanni

baby jovanni, originally uploaded by - Maggie-.

i love baby toes♥

Aug 16, 2009

when cake pops go bad...

so....silly me, after keeping up on Bakerellas most awesome
blog, I thought I'd give her cake pops a try.

I made a red-velvet cake. Popped it out and mushed it up with
some cream cheese frosting.

Now when Bakerella says things get messy at this point, she is NOT kidding.
There wasn't a spot on my counter untouched, smeared or globbed with red velvet
cake/ frosting mix. Lemme tell ya...not easy to wipe up either!

So I rolled out (at least) 50 lovely cake/ frosting balls. Pretty easy
although I had to keep washing my hands as the layers of cake/ frosting
mixture kept building up.

Then it was time do do the dip. Into white chocolate of course.
um...forgot one little thing whilst in Michaels. Styrofoam.

Well, they do say necessity IS the mother of invention, right??
I grabbed a collander and stuffed those cake pops in there. Sure they
looked like a chaotic mess and utterly ridiculous BUT it worked!

It was while dipping these cake balls into the white chocolate that I had a few realizations.

1. Bakerella ROCKS. Seriously. Give this woman some serious credit because SHE
makes this look WAY easier than it is. It is not easy. Well, easy to screw up but luckily
I had a famished 6 year old hovering around me waiting for the screw ups to happen and
happen they did. Many times.

2. When things go so far south that they're almost north...rethink your plan. That's when the sprinkles came into play. When I ran out of sprinkles and patience I yanked off the
lollipop sticks and came up with plan B.

TA-DA!! Aren't they cute? They're really, REALLY yummy too.

Sure, I'll give these a go again..once I've recovered from this episode worthy of "I Love Lucy"
but in the meantime my son, daughter and hubby are sacrificing themselves to eat all
these yummy mistakes.

Aren't they wonderful?

Aug 15, 2009

Steam Engine

Steam Engine, originally uploaded by - Maggie-.

OH my gosh!! I just found out MY photo was the winning photo in our photo walk (not the WHOLE, international photo walk...just our group of 55 photogs).

[if you're not familiar with the photo walks..I'm talking about the Scott Kelby 2nd Annual (international) Photo Walk. Over 900 photo walks were done all around the world]

SO VERY EXCITED!!! There were some hard-core photogs there with BIG BOY cameras!! I felt like the peon with my Canon Rebel Xti and tripod of all of 12 inches tall.

The best part is my photo now is entered with the winners of all the other photo walks for the Grand Prize of a Nikon D700. :)

Aug 14, 2009

isn't he/ she cute??

this little guy/ gal was littler than most hummingbirds
but oh, so darling!! I was lucky it let me get close enough
to attempt to get a pic of it.

Aug 13, 2009

my hubby rocks!

my hubby rocks!, originally uploaded by - Maggie-.

my hubby is the BESTEST!!!

I lost my walkman phone a week ago :( (very upset about it)

I came home tonight and he slipped this in my purse then called me.

"what's that?" he says (hearing a phone ringing)

"the tv" I said

"'s your purse."

"my PURSE?"'

I look in there....and find THIS!! WITH TEXT!!! I can text now!

Aug 8, 2009

gorgeous day to photograph the bridge

Aug 6, 2009

"Look sissy, I pulled my tooth out!"