Feb 28, 2007

Day 53


Feb 27, 2007

Day 52

oh Mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind hey Mickey! Hey Mickey!

Feb 26, 2007

Day 51

Moment caught...Ian was reading books to his horse complete with the bear backpack/ harness.

Feb 25, 2007

Day 50

quenching that thirst...

Feb 24, 2007

Day 49 (7 weeks already!)

I awoke to...this! Looks like the sky is on fire doesn't it? Crazy!
(pardon the crummy quality...using a P&S to zoom is not always a good idea)

Feb 23, 2007

Day 48

a trinket of my grandmothers...beautiful sounding bell, even if I'm not sure what it actually is.

Feb 22, 2007

Day 47


Feb 21, 2007

Day 46

Limoge box....

Feb 20, 2007

Day 45

the rolling Vaca hills, a prison and a baseball field...

Feb 19, 2007

Day 44

desperate times my friend....desperate times.

Feb 18, 2007

Day 43

shhh....artist at work

Feb 17, 2007

Day 42 (6 weeks and counting...)

hello, my name is Maggie and I'm addicted to Bath & Body Works..

Feb 16, 2007

Day 41

bathtime for bonzo....
Actually, this was taken first thing this morning. Emmy decided she'd help Ian with a bath. Unfortunately I JUST missed the soap mohawk moment (darnnit).

Feb 15, 2007

Day 40

feeling goofy...

Feb 14, 2007

Day 39 ~ Happy Valentines Day!

Feb 13, 2007

Day 38

ever try to photograph a busy-little-toddler??
well...here's what happened when I asked him to show me his feet (sigh).

Feb 12, 2007

Day 37

Room with a view

The view out of my window at work. I LOVE this old tree even though it has more mistletoe on it then leaves and that I worry with each rainstorm and windy day that it will finally topple over.

Feb 11, 2007

Day 36

Cellphone fun...

We were out and about today. Target, Applebees, CompUSA, ColdStone

and all I had to capture the moments was my low-quality cell-phone camera.

Feb 10, 2007

Day 35 (5 week mark)

waiting for Daddy to come home...

Feb 9, 2007

Day 34

Rain, rain go away...come again another day.
ooh I was DYING for a macro lens to get these raindrops (sigh).

Feb 8, 2007

Day 33

that's what I'M talking about!! ;)

Feb 7, 2007

Day 32

Flowering Jade...

gloomy, rainy day...

Feb 6, 2007

Day 31

Poor ol' Jack Ball....he's blind, mute and half deaf. Time to replace him I guess.

Pretty lil' flower I found by the office..

Feb 5, 2007

Day 30

I tried to get this baby in focus but it looks to me like the focus fell on the leaf to the right...not on the bud. That's what I get trying to take the pic between wooden blinds.

As far as the background looking SO yellow...our walls are this "terracotta" color. eeck. It really shows up doesn't it? Which is why I did a B&W version.

We have a candy guessing game going on right now. How many chocolates are in the jar?? Who cares...when can we get the chocolates OUT? ;)
We've had to tape the lid shut because the Dads (yes JUST Dads) were getting into the jar and eating the chocolates. Oh boy.

Feb 4, 2007

Day 29

I so dig this palm tree.
One of these days I'll get photos of something OFF of my property. But since my entire family has, had, or is coming down with the flu...not gonna happen anytime soon.

Feb 3, 2007

Day 28 (4 weeks...)

A plate I made back in ...oh '98. Time for an update I think. ;)

Feb 2, 2007

Day 27

time for some photoshop fun....
Actions ran:
  1. defog
  2. high-pass sharpening
  3. urban acid
  4. custom vignette
  5. custom vignette....again
  6. rain

Feb 1, 2007

Day 26

my poor ol' rose bush
This is my only "full size" rose bush. It was given to me by my Dad many, many years ago. It's blooms smell gorgeous and are HUGE. You just can't kill this thing. It hasn't been watered since the 90's yet it grows and grows. I like the contrast of the "blooms" against the folliage in hibernation.