Nov 28, 2007

day 294 - trees

Nov 24, 2007

Day 293 - Traditions, Day 3

Another tradition, personalized ornaments. This one was made back when Hallmark "test ran" these personalized ornaments. Yep, my wee little ones pic (wee little one who is now 13!) is in there.

Nov 23, 2007

Day 292 - traditions, day 2

Every year my little s'more tree goes up. It measures about 12 inches tall.
I just love the little s'more "snowman" ornaments.

Nov 22, 2007

Day 291 - traditions...

Off to Grandma's house we go for thankgiving. I love the look of these trees lining the street.

driving back home...they've already put up the downtown decorations.

Nov 19, 2007

Day 290 - the fog.....

Nov 18, 2007

Day 289 - early morning twinkle..

6am and turning the lights on our (not quite fully decked out) tree
ss 1/5 (no tripod, used wall as support), f5, ISO=1600
{web sharpened, framed and slight curves}

Nov 17, 2007

Day 288 - O' Christmas tree

Nov 15, 2007

Day 287 - buzzzzz......

isn't he cute?

Nov 11, 2007

Day 286 - morning hugs

I was working on the computer and heard some talking coming from the other room. I grabbed my camera and walked in to see Ian and Emmy sitting on her bed just talking. Of course, Ian spotted me JUST before I snapped the pic. Still, it warms my heart.

Nov 10, 2007

Day 285 - bring on the rain...

Nov 6, 2007

Day 284 - new ('s new to US) car!

So,'s NOT a new car, it's a 2000 Saturn.

But it's new to US.

Our '92 Saturn has been "retired".

We bought this last night. :)

WOOT!! Mamma gets her Nissan BACK!

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Nov 4, 2007

Day 283 - ah....sugar, sugar!

The post-halloween sugar blitz is on....this is what I'm up against!!!
All but 1 ziploc bag and the bucket of licorice was from Em and Ian trick-or-treating.
These are GALLON sized ziplocs people....HEEEELLLLLPPPPP!!!

Nov 3, 2007

Day 282 - Sleepover

blowing out the birthday candles! it me or does that princess look like a ...uh...drag queen?

Nov 1, 2007

Day 281 - My Baby Girls Birthday!!

My baby girl turned 13 years old today!!
No technical info here today....just fun stuff. :)We asked Em to hide behind the pillow until we were ready.
This was her first look at her birthday present; A Nintendo DS.

She had her choice of ANY restaurant and chose to eat her birthday dinner at Foster Freezes. A fifties-type diner that's been a staple of Vacaville longer than I've been alive.

A funny moment between Ian and, my parents, Pappa and Grandma P (who met us at Fosters)

A cool angle of all of us at our table in the round mirror.

(weird coincedence moment here....the woman at the table next to us, towards the back sitting with the man, is the woman who made my wedding bouquet/ flowers for our wedding. SMALL town!)

Emmy's present from Grandma Barbara, her name is "Emmy". (really!)