Mar 8, 2012

life is funny...

I became a little waylay-ed in my blogging by...well, NOT blogging.

It's really no surprise. I facebook, I flickr, I pinterest, I'm now Google+-ing (not a word..noted)I've forgotten my myspace password so lord only knows what's going on over there and I have my own webpage.

So I cruised on over here to my lonely ol' blog only to read my last post and say, "oh my gosh, I am feeling that EXACT same way right now!" I could've written that post today. I felt that post yesterday after arguing with my 17yr old. She's graduating in LESS THAN 2 months and we're both feeling pretty panicked.

When did this happen? She was 4 years old, letting me braid her hair just yesterday. I'm feeling both sad and excited that she's getting ready to start a new phase of her life. She is purely terrified.

I clearly remember that feeling. "Oh my gosh, what do I do now?" and freaking out just a tad.

I was never one of those deeply driven kids that knew since the day she was 9 that she was going to be a Doctor/ Scientist/ etc. Is that a BAD thing? I happily (and sometimes NOT so happily) floated along, living my life and "WHAMMO!" Senior year. I never had a problem keeping my grades up I think I just loved so many different career paths that I could never focus on just one. I loved music, I loved theater. I ended up floating along to a Community College, which was really just High School without the bells and lunch. I loved it. I still hung out with the same group of friends just in a bigger venue. Little fish, big pond syndrome. Sure we felt swallowed up a bit by the campus, but we still had our little pod of friends that would gather around lunch-ish time or so at the campus cafeteria.

For me it was a blast because I could take whatever class I wanted! I took a voice class, band class, Writing class, piano, Choir (notice a trend?), Jazz Dance, computer programming and then did the "have to" classes like math, science and spanish.

Yeah, that went well. Again, no focus...floating along having fun for two years.

One of my best friends decided to take a class at the local ROP for Dental Assisting and asked if I'd like to go with her. Not only did I go, it became my career that I still am doing and still ENJOY doing 20+ years later.

Life is funny.

Fast-forward and now my daughter is heading towards community college. Her focus is definitely better than mine was. She loves art. She's excellent at it. That's what she wants to do. I was saddened to hear one of her teachers, after hearing her gush on about her plans for the future, said "You know, you can't make money doing that. It's not a real career." >:( WTH?? You want to P*ss off a mom toot-sweet, say something like that. Granted, I realize reality is something we must be grounded in, but our dreams should never be stepped on like a bug. Especially by a TEACHER!

What was I talking about? oh yeah....sucky parent of the year. Well, at least I'm consistent!

Here's hoping for less sucky days for all.